Brief von Max Delbrück an Jeanne Mammen, 7.4.1938

Dear Jeanne, you are a hell of useless one when it comes to telling your life story. Couldn't you have send me those damned reviews of the Gurlitt exhibition [1930], then I could have cooked up a nice story so easily. Couldn't you have told me, in what year these exhibitions were, and what about that belgian exhibition, and what schools did you learn at. I couldn't tell those people less a pack of lies, this is the official exhibition of the university, we have a scientific spirit and want to know the facts at least. Fortunately Gaffrons come this weekend, so they must help me working up something. Please let me know about the fille aux jeux bleue, what she thinks and how she does. Her its getting pretty well. MD
Material und Technik
Blattmaße H: 20,5 cm B: 15,3 cm
Berlin, 1938
SM 2020-03645